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4Team Online web-based project management, group calendaring & collaborative solutions. SharePoint Alternative. Web access for your 4Team software.

ShareOutlook sharing any personal Microsoft® Outlook® folders without server.

Schedules4Team utilize a Microsoft Outlook workgroup calendar without a server with special "Grid view".

Contacts4Outlook share and synchronize Contact folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server.

Calendar4Outlook share and synchronize Calendar folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server.


4Team Online Service web-based project management, group calendaring and collaborative solutions.

4Team Online Server your "in-house" server based on 4Team Online Server.

4Team Server server-based collaboration among the users of 4Team for Microsoft Outlook.


Fax4Outlook internet and regular fax solutions integrated with MS Outlook and other MS Office products.

SendLater set a schedule for sending your email messages.

FreeBusy autoresponse to incoming email, based on your Free/Busy (Out of Office) Status.

Canned Responses canned text, templates, emoticons, documents integrated in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail toolbar.

ReplyWith Microsoft Outlook tools simplifies the process of replying the repetitive e-mail messages using predefined e-mail templates.


Alphabet4Contacts alphabet tabs with Smart filters for your Microsoft Outlook Contact folders.


vCard4Outlook allows its users to easily convert (import-export) all their Outlook Contacts information from/to Vcard format.


Dashboard4Team all Microsoft Outlook and Project information in one place.

Personal Folders Dashboard all your Microsoft Outlook Personal folders information in one easy-to-navigate window.


Mobile4You e-mail checker-forwarder.

DVD Labeler automatically captures the first frame image out of each DVD chapter and creates scene indexing labels for your DVD movie.


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